My first week using Classpass!

When Showerpill sent out an email asking their Showerpill evangelist to team up with Classpass in their area I was interested! In order to get a month free with Classpass we had to commit to going to three different classes a week.  My fitness hasn’t been a 100% so I thought this would be a great way to get me on track!  When I found out I was chosen to be a Showerpill evangelist for Classpass I was beyond excited!

So, let me tell you about me first week using Classpass!! After confirming my membership I downloaded the Classpass app on my phone.  Through the app I was able to easily select and sign up for classes. The classes are listed to show what is available each day.  This is helpful to me when it comes to choosing a class.  I select the day I would like to go and then look at what is being offered that day.  I’m typically available to attend classes in the evening or early morning during the week. After seeing what options I have available I click on the classes offered to get a brief description on the class. I love to try new activities when it comes to fitness so I am open to try pretty much everything!


My first classpass class was at EZ Fitness.  EZ Fitness is a Fitness studio that is known for its fantastic teacher Eva Valdes!  I have been wanting to check out this studio for some time so I was eager to try it out.  I signed up for a Zumba class and knew I would not be disappointed!   I arrived about 15 minutes before class to sign in.  The studio was a good size and could fit a good amount of people inside.  The teacher was on a stage with a spotlight about her.  The music was loud and the teacher played current popular music which was fun to dance to.  The class was from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.  I was very happy with my experience.  I would go back for sure! I tried to take a picture during class but we were moving around so much I didn’t even get myself in the picture! I’m in between mirrors wearing the hot pink pants.

EZ Fitness:

4790 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite C, Las Vegas, NV 89147


My second class was at 103 Hot Yoga & Pilates. Because I knew I had a half marathon planned for Saturday I was choosing classes that would help me on race day.  The class I choose at this studio was Candlelight Yoga & Meditation.  This class ran from 7:00pm – 8:15pm.  This was a lovely studio that had tons of perks! Years ago I had a hot yoga membership so I am familiar with hot yoga studios.  This studio did not disappoint! They offered their members yoga mats and towels. The studio had a locker room and multiple showers to use after class.  The yoga room was clean and had a rubber type floor.  The last studio I went to had carpet which I didn’t like.  It soaked in the moisture and made the room smell.  This studio did not have that problem.  The room was a nice hot temperature when I went in.  It was dark and lit by candlelight. Nice calming music was playing upon arrival.  The teacher was very knowledgeable and demonstrated every pose which was helpful.  I am not a yoga expert! After class I was able to wipedown in their locker room before I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items before I went home.  I personally don’t like using showers at gyms so having Showerpill with me is very helpful.  I like to be on the go and no worry about carrying a large gym bag everywhere I go.  I would go back to this studio for sure!

103 Hot Yoga & Pilates:

4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr. Suite 118, Las Vegas, NV 89147


My third class was at Jazzercise.  Jazzercise is a fitness program made for all ages to get results.  I signed up for the early morning class at 6:00am-7:00am.  When I arrived I was concerned because I didn’t see any other cars in the parking lot.  I could see that one person was in the studio at the front desk.  I became a little worried that this fun Dance Mixx class would be canceled due to no one showing up! I arrived about 15 minutes early so I waited in my car hoping others would show up.  As much as I wanted to try this studio out, taking a dance fitness class alone with just the instructor did not sound fun.  Luckily at almost exactly 5:55am 5 cars pulled up and the class was on! I really didn’t want to find another class to take so I was relieved.  Even though the class size was small I could tell the people that were in attendance came every day.  The studio was small but it offered everything you would need to take any of their classes.  They had yoga mats, weights, resistance bands, ect. The teacher was on a small stage and was very upbeat.  I enjoyed her energy! This workout mixes dance based cardio with strength training.  We started dancing but added arm and ab workouts as well. As much as I enjoyed the teacher I am not sure this studio would be for me.  I like going to classes with a larger group of people.  I feed off of the energy in the room. At the end of class I was able to share Showerpill with everyone who came, so that’s a plus! Especially because this studio didn’t have showers available.


6545 S. Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148


Now I need to figure out what classes to take next week! If you have any suggestions please comment below! Also, if you have a blog about your fitness journey let me know! I would love to check it out!





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