My second week using ClassPass! 

Hey everyone! Hope your week is awesome!! Mine has been great! Checked out three new fitness studios with ClassPass this week and they did not disappoint! 


Studio : Shine Alternative Fitness

Address: 6415 S Tenaya Way, Unit 100, Las Vegas, NV 89113


After running my half marathon on Saturday I thought a great class to take was a Flexability class.  I have been wanting to check out this studio for some time. They offer a variety of workouts that are hard to find. Antigravity yoga, silks and pole dancing to name a few. I was afraid to take this Flexability class because, I’m not flexible, at all! I’m surprised I can reach my feet to tie my shoes lol. But I knew a class like this is exactly what my tight muscles needed! To say I was intimidated to take the class is an understatement. Upon walking into the studio I was impressed. Free water and COFFEE?! I looked to the right and saw people doing circus ariel type stunts. The room where my class was taking place was the pole room. Some students were practicing their skills before class. The term student might not be the best term to use to describe these professionals. They were strong and swirled around the pole with ease. 

Our instructor was so nice and made me feel welcome. She encouraged me to push farther and offered me modified positions to make me more comfortable. She corrected me when I was doing a pose wrong, which I love and congratulated me when I was doing a pose right! She pushed me farther than I thought I could go. At the end of class I left feeling refreshed and at peace. The instructor is a true gem. Can’t wait to take more classes at this fantastic studio! 

Want to take a class with me? First class is a dollar! 


Studio: Cyclone Las Vegas

Address: 5752 S. Ft. Apache Road #147

Las Vegas, NV 89148


I love spin class, I love pedaling and being on a bike. This is the second best thing to being outside on the road. Cyclone Las Vegas is a different type of spin studio. I have taken classes at this studio and knew what to expect. Loud pulsing music and lots of fun! Some spin classes take you on a journey. Going up hills or doing intervals. Cyclone Las Vegas is more intense, dance based spin class that tries to give you more of a full body workout. Very fast paced class. There were many times during the class I had to slow down to catch my breath. The class was in the dark with black lights above. The teacher never lost her energy! She moved so fast I don’t think I could ever catch up to her! At the end of class I left soaked. I handed out some much needed samples of Showerpill and they opened them immediately and felt instantly refreshed. I also met this lovely mother and son. Her son 10 years old and loves spin! He was amazing during class! Didn’t miss a beat! I connecting with his mom a fellow animal lover on Facebook. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing them again soon! 


Studio: Barre Las Vegas

Address: 3700 S. Hualapai Way, Ste 109

Las Vegas, NV 89147


First, I’ve never taken a Barre fitness class before. I had no idea what to expect from this workout. But I wanted to try a class outside of my comfort zone. So I signed up for Barre Mixt. Of course, I was the first person there, but instead of waiting in the car I went in! Glad I did! Gave me an opportunity to speak with the instructor and she was able to give me modifications prior to class. Certain yoga poses hurt my wrists so she gave me other options. The class was small but had the perfect number of students. Upon walking into the room you had to take off your shoes and put socks on.  The room was covered in soft thick carpet. In the back of the studio they had what looked like a kick boxing studio. This is where we left our belongings. 

The instructor and students were so nice! I felt welcome immediately. The instructor assisted me throughout my entire workout. She adjusted me when I was doing a pose incorrectly and sat next to me during poses where I couldn’t see her demonstrating due to position. I received a difficult full body workout. My muscles were shaking and I’m pretty sure some haven’t been used in a long time. I can see the benefit of taking Barre and hope to take more classes! At the end of class I passed out Showerpill to everyone in attendance. 

Next week!!

Now to start planning my classes for next week! Also, I will be in Seattle next weekend so I will take one class while I’m there! Which I’m super excited to try! Are you in Seattle? Let’s me up to take a class! 

Have any suggestions? Want to take a class with me? Comment below! 

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