Third week using ClassPass, health issues and Seattle!!

My week started off pretty rad. I was able to take an awesome aerial yoga class! It was my first time and I was excited/nervous. Thankfully my great friend Ranea was able to join me! I’m so glad I wasn’t alone in this experience. Luckily the class was small. Only three students. Made for a wonderful experience! Lots of one on one attention. I love to be corrected if I’m doing something wrong and the instructor helped make sure we were all doing every pose safely. 

So, let me tell you about Aerial yoga. Think yoga in the air. Seriously! We each had our own aerial silk that was attached to the ceiling. The instructor adjusted our silks for our height. The reason for this is to ensure we would hit our heads on the floor while in certain poses. 

The class was amazing! It wasn’t easy but we tried each pose at our pace. Our instructor would try and push us to deepen our poses. I was afraid to do some poses but next time I take a class like this I’ll be better prepared. If you have a chance to take an aerial yoga class I definitely recommend!!


1970 Village Center Cir Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV 89134

(702) 576-4798

I had big plans for my week after taking this fabulous class! But I ended up getting injured at my work and then had health issues on top of that. Having planned a trip to Seattle I decided it would be best to  rest for the week. 


We arrived in Seattle early Friday morning. Instead of staying in downtown Seattle we booked our first Airbnb! We took the Linkrail to downtown Seattle because we love public transportation! After arriving downtown we ate at one of our favorite breakfast spots, a Phillipino breakfast place! We tried this place during our last visit and had to come again. It’s family owned and always packed. I got porkchops and eggs, amazing! Never disappoints! After eating a yummy breakfast we hopped on a bus and made our way over to Ballard, where our Airbnb was located. 

We booked a private backyard bungalow. It was so adorable! At a bargain of $75 a night we were blessed! A mini kitchen, private shower/bath, queen size bed and couch. 

Seriously so cute!! We found a grocery store close by and bought some snacks and breakfast items to stock our mini fridge. 

This visit was being used to prepare us to move to Seattle! We don’t have a date set, still need to sell our house, but we love dreaming! Since I’m from Las Vegas, NV I have no idea the cost to live in Seattle. Doing minimal research online I understood the prices were steep. We did a few tours and became hopeful that we will find something in our price range. We found out that you have to act fast! Any property reasonably prices, sells quick! 

We were also able to see some family and friends!

I also got to go to Warby Parker !!!

Have you heard of them before?! They are an eye glass company that sells eye glasses for affordable prices! Starting at $95 for a complete pair including lenses I was SO excited to try on their impressive collection in person. Their website is great! You can have frames sent to your home to try on or buy them and if you hate them you can return within 30 days of purchase. 

My favorites!

I need to start saving my pennies! I need all the glasses!! I’ll be ordering my first pair soon. Super excited! 

The last part of our trip, which was also the most exciting, ZIP LINING!!! Canopy Tours NW For my friend Brooke’s birthday this is what she wanted to do.  Howard’s birthday was on Tuesday the 17th so I decided to surprise him with this new adventure! 

I need to figure out how to edit the video. This was such an amazing experience! I also need to purchase a go pro. This place let us rent them. 

This week I plan on getting back into working out consistently! 

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