I signed up for my second month with ClassPass! Plus other adventures!

Hey everyone! I’ve been having so much fun using ClassPass I haven’t posted about it in my blog!!! Sorry! Now I’m playing catchup! Let me tell you about the last two weeks!! 

First, I got one of my friends to sign up, yay! So much fun taking classes with a friend! If you would like to try ClassPass use my link to receive $20 off your first month!

Save $20 on ClassPass!

My husband loves hiking and looking for interesting rocks and fossils. We took our friends out to hunt for trilobites. It’s a long process of searching but when you find one its so fun! It’s a dirty process so I’m so glad I brought Showerpill with me. Made getting in the car much better, yay no dirty car! My husband found this location online while doing research on sites with possible fossils. 

Check out my new Showerpill top! Loving the new design!!

A new class I tried with ClassPass was boxing!! Went to Bigcat boxing studio to try a Cardio Friday class with instructor “Big Cat” Dion. To my surprise I was the only one in the class! Whoa! Talk about jackpot! I got a one on one training session with the master. Now, fear sets in.  Luckily he was really nice and I didn’t die lol. If you don’t own gloves they will loan you a pair with wraps. The owner came in and took pictures of me during part of my workout! She also helped me when I didn’t understand the correct form. Such a great studio, and WOW what a good workout! We started with cardio using jump ropes and plank, then ran a little, focused on abs and ended with arms. I was sweating so bad at the end of the workout Showerpill was definetly needed!!

Big Cat Boxing

6675 S Tenaya Way, Unit 140, Las Vegas, NV 89113

(702) 588-3321

Took another great class at Shine Alternative Fitness! We took intro to aerial yoga. Much different than the other aerial yoga class I took. Great to take this class with friends. 

The main reason this class was different from the other I took is the way the silks are hung. At Galaxy Pilates they are attached to a heavy duty medal frame. At this studio the silks were hung from a frame then hung from a wire. I felt a little nauseous during the class from the sway from the wire. 

If you have motion sickness and want to try aerial yoga I suggest Galaxy Pilates.

Went to another Barre Las Vegas class! Always a good workout. I need to purchase some Pilates socks! Do you have a brand you would recommend? At my last reformer class I saw some people with the Nike studio wraps. 

Another new class I took was a Gong Meditation class. I have never taken a class like this before. In college I took a psychology class where the teacher taught us nothing about psychology but I learned about meditation and Chakras. 

Taking a class like this I came in with an open mind. Not fully understanding this type of practice I gave it a chance. The class was an hour and a half. The instructor explained everything in detail, we prepared our body, chanted and then relaxed. All lights turned off and the gong experience began. Very eye opening. I recommend but go with an open mind.

RYK Yoga and Meditation Center

8450 W Sahara Ave, Ste 109, Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 478-9600

I went to another great reformer class at Club Pilates with my friend Staysi. This class was with a different instructor than my previous class. Different teaching method but same great workout! I left the class with wobbly legs knowing I received a fantastic workout! Such a great studio if you want to try a Pilates reformer class! 

Went on a hot bike ride this past week.  Felt like a blow dryer! Kept telling myself as I rode that it wasn’t wind it was an air conditioner lol. Felt good to be back in the saddle again.  Can’t wait to join some group rides this summer! I’m not sure why I didn’t ride much this spring, when the weather was nice! Oh well, now I get to wake up crazy early to ride. Last year I rode in a charity ride, BikeMS. I was able to raise over $500 to help find a cure for MS. A friend of mine started a team for this years event and I joined! I may not be in Las Vegas during the event so I signed up as a virtual rider! 

Want to help me raise money for a great cause? Here is my link to donate:

Bike MS Las Vegas


This past week I took two belly dancing classes at two different studios. One class at Galaxy Pilates and the other at Z Spot. Both great and a little different. At Galaxy Pilates it was a very intimate class. We focused more on our lower body, hips and butt. Where the second class we focused more on our upper body, chest and ribs. At Z Spot it was a full class and we all used hip scarfs with coins attached.made for a fun class! 

If you are looking to have a fun class I recommend Z Spot and if you want a more technical belly dancing workout I recommend Galaxy Pilates. 

Z Spot

6675 S Tenaya Way, Ste 130, Las Vegas, NV 89113

(702) 201-6114

I love when I can ride my bike to class! Hopefully we will continue to have more not crazy hot days this summer! Praying for under 100 degree days! 

Until next week! Need to choose classes for the week! 

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